Sunday, January 1, 2012

How I Started Getting Better Part 2

Super food, soul food. Lamb and veggies.

The spring of my 26th year I remember coming to a point of letting go- I was just beginning to learn the power of true rest and have faith in something greater then what I could fully understand. I had done all I knew how. I was continuing with my healthy food and as little stress as possible. I was continuing to research when I could feel calm about it.

One day I was looking for some information about heavy metal toxicity. I did a search and came upon this article. It struck me as interesting although I didn't feel it really applied to me. Eventually I re-read it and decided to contact the author- Theresa Vernon. That was the beginning of the beginning for me. The healing became evident within a few months of starting treatment and continues to this day- 1.5 yrs later! For the first time I was working with someone who completely understood everything I described because she herself had been down a very long road of illness, eventually experiencing astounding recovery.

On this program I eat what agrees with my body. There is no one set diet for everyone, we're all unique. Because I have adrenal issues I have blood sugar issues. That means I feel much better when I stay away from sugar, (fruit too), grains and too much dairy. I eat pastured meats, some cheese, some cream, nuts, all kinds of great veggies(non-starchy), coconut milk and oil, butter, cod liver oil, bone broth and cultured vegetables. I didn't even know how to really cook meat before I started all this- I have learned so much in the kitchen over the past few years! I also make yummy baked goods with coconut flour and almond flour using this as a sweetener.

Coconut and almond flour cupcakes

So for the past 18 months I have been on my nutritional balancing protocol- chock full of vitamins and minerals specifically tailored to my changing needs. Every 4 months I send in a sample of my hair for HTMA, (hair, tissue, mineral analysis). Once the results are in I have a consult via phone with Theresa which always leaves me feeling understood and in turn at peace about what is going on in my body. I also take some amazing Chinese herbal tonics, probiotics and digestive aids. This work is deep and takes time- but the rewards are worth it. Some days my body is detoxing copper and I feel blue. Most days I am happily moving through recovery and plugging into a richly satisfying life.   

Again, if you have any questions or comments about any of this please do let me know.

Here is an additional article mentioning Theresa's work if you're interested. I do not make any money whatsoever by recommending her.


  1. Hi Maria...thanks for all you've been posting. Great info here that I plan to look further into. And I look forward to keeping up with your blog as well, so keep up the great work!

  2. Yay!! This made me feel so hopeful as well! the first time I read about copper toxicity I was giddy for 3 days. My guts felt certain I had stumbled onto something very important.

    1. Sarah, I know the feeling. Nothing more wonderful than starting to put pieces of the puzzle together. It's an exciting journey for sure!

    2. It is really exciting. I loved getting my first htma and seeing that I was deficient in everything except for toxic metals. It all suddenly made so much sense! Can't wait to get my levels built up now! Would you be open to sharing some of your recipes for lamb and baked goods?

    3. I know, every time I measure my supplements out I'm excited know I'm slowly but surely building up my levels! I really need to get organized about sharing more recipes here. I am hoping to make that more of a focus in the next few months!

  3. thanks! that would be great! i would love some suggestions on spicing things up from someone who has similar diet restrictions. I am right at the beginning and have switched diets so many times. I am really tired these days and a little burned out on learning all new ways of doing things. I am sure i'll get some motivation back soon though.



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